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Father suffering from allergy symptoms, distracted and unable to fully be present while playing basketball with his young son. After taking Allegra, he is able to be in the moment and spend time together without distractions.
A Kroger recipe video with a man making Julienned Apple Jicama Slaw—starting with how to julienne tart apples and ending with a great topping for tacos.
A back-to-school ad showing all the things a sponge paired with some Arm & Hammer Baking Soda can do, like refreshing a lunch bag, cleaning Tupperware, and deodorizing a mini fridge.
WypAll* ¬¬representative tests three methods of wiping off motor oil from a sheet of glass. One is with a shop towel, the second test uses a rag, and the third test uses a WypAll* X80 cleaning cloth. The first two tests fail to efficiently clean the oil off the glass. WypAll* X80 cleaning wipe absorbs the oil into the wipe and proves to perform the best among the three.
A BevMo! recipe video with a woman showing how to make a Tequila Blackberry Lemonade. Set in a kitchen, she adds smashed black berries, ice, Los Rijos tequila, and Minute Maid lemonade into a mason jar, and then some lemons and black berries for garnish.
A Stein Mart ad showcasing kids fashion/clothing: a little girl playing with bubbles in a pink jacket and grey leggings.
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