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170 years young
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Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is an American icon. But after years of declining household penetration, drastic changes were needed to down-age the brand and make Baking Soda relevant to a new generation.

We leveraged the DIY and Life Hack phenomenon to showcase the many astonishing household uses for Baking Soda.

Most young adults had only known Baking Soda as “that box in the fridge”, and now they were shocked and delighted to “discover” this American classic and make it their own.

Our fun and educational digital effort blossomed into hundreds of assets covering cleaning, deodorizing, beauty, baby and science.

We used our in-house facilities to create this content at scale. Young moms everywhere were watching videos and making Slime with their kids. They were sharing the amazing product uses on their social channels.

Consumer engagement soared and so did the use of Baking Soda across American households. In a short time, an old brand had connected with a new, younger audience.


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