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170 Years in the Making

Open any kitchen cabinet in any home, and you’re sure to find a box of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda inside. Trusted for generations, this legendary 170-year old brand has grown into a house of brands — with more products in more grocery aisles than any other brand.

To keep the brand relevant, they needed new ways to connect with today’s consumers.

As ARM & HAMMER™ extended its product line into new categories, the brand became fragmented, and brand equity was softening.

At the same time, digital technologies were disrupting the path to purchase. Consumers were spending more time online, and ARM & HAMMER™ needed to make a more impactful shift to reach and connect with them. We needed to partner with our longtime client to create more engaging digital solutions that would help lead them towards transformation — one step at a time.

First, we leveraged the brand’s baking soda roots.

We started by embracing the brand’s rich baking soda heritage, and carried it through key campaigns to showcase the brand’s enduring relevance — connecting with current consumers and inviting new segments to the brand. By tapping into ARM & HAMMER™’s unique brand equity of trust, we also made a deeper, more emotional connection that reinforces both the brand’s and consumer’s values, driving brand affinity.

Then, we partnered with ARM & HAMMER™ to dial up their digital presence.

To connect with consumers in meaningful ways, and deliver the content and experiences they’re searching for, we worked with ARM & HAMMER™ and other marketing partners to create several cross-channel digital solutions. For example:

We got social, building a footprint on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Using segmentation data and consumer insights, we crafted a thoughtful social strategy to select the right platform for the right product category, and deliver the right content.

For instance, younger consumers want quick and easy ways to help manage their household tasks, yet only 33% find what they’re looking for. Bingo. We focused the ARM & HAMMER™ Masterbrand Facebook strategy on delivering solutions to help them master every area of the house — from how-to videos and seasonal tips to life hacks and engaging offers. The result: increased brand relevance and brand engagement.

We strengthened their online retail presence to compete in the high-stakes e-commerce arena.

Walmart. Jet. And of course, Amazon. These e-commerce giants have changed the retail game forever. Brands need to get on board or get left behind.

To compete, however, sales copy and product shots aren’t enough to stand out. To tell a richer product story, we created enhanced brand content for more than 100 ARM & HAMMER™ products —highlighting product benefits through original iconography, and writing SEO-optimized content to improve rankings and increase traffic. The result: a unified, high-impact way to compete online in every product category, and drive online sales.

We’re building trust and relevance through the branded content consumers crave.

The shift from traditional-only channels has created a shift in the content consumers are looking for; they want to engage with brands across multiple digital channels, get solutions that are meaningful to them —and be part of the conversation.

We’re leveraging ARM & HAMMER™’s leadership and expertise through engaging branded content across all brand categories — mining key drivers to inspire each segment, from helping anxious moms master their laundry to showing the overall versatility of baking soda in our “Baking Soda Does That?” video series.

It was our baking soda slime videos, however, that generated the most buzz.

Today’s parents prefer a safe alternative to some of the ingredients used in slime, so who else but ARM & HAMMER™ could show them how to make baking soda slime?

We posted the ARM & HAMMER™ “Tie-Dyed Slime” recipe on Pinterest, and created a how-to video for YouTube and Facebook.

130k re-pins on Pinterest // 400k views on Facebook // 2 million views on YouTube

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