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On the left: Clean bathroom showcasing sets of stylized bathroom towels.
On the left: interior design shot of a music room. On the right: shot in a white bedroom with a swinging bed frame and stylized bedding set.
On the left: Product photography of a stylized outdoor patio dining table set under a green chandelier and patio lights setting the scene. On the right: Product shot of outdoor décor.
On the left: Product shot of knife set stylized with sliced oranges and lemon. On the right: Stylized product shot of dinnerware.
On the left: Product scene of pots and pans being used on a stove surrounded by food items and a set of knives. On the right: Product shot of Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
On the left: Stylized product shot of small cake stand, plates, and Mr. & Mrs. champagne glasses. On the right: Aerial shot of a table spread, set with four plate settings, full glasses, and bread.
Stylized collage of vibrant red women’s shoes and accessories, from left to right: cloche hat, jewelry pieces, wallet, handbag, and shoes.
On the left half: portrait shot of a male model sporting a casual tee and hoodie jacket. The right half displays a pair of sunglasses.
Detailed jewelry shots of sparkly diamond rings and gemstone bracelets.
A product shot of DeWalt power tools and a bathroom facet set.
Product collage of women’s sunglasses, large leather handbag, and a fashion shot of a female model in a classy black dress holding a small black clutch bag.
roduct collage of a sustainable water bottle and water cups with floral pattern, men’s ties, and towels in different colors and textures.
Stylized product collage displaying six pairs of sunglasses hanging on a clothesline and five watches stacked on top of each other for a fashion shot.
Stylized collage of men’s shoes placed on grey stone blocks and men’s ties on top of neatly folded dress shirts near an iced drink.
Product collage of stylized shoots, from left to right: gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and a women’s fashion outfit.
Stylized fashion collage of women’s sweaters, jeans, and bags. Shot in the middle displays two young female models in black and white party attire, on the left is a portrait of a female model sitting down.
Stylized shot of models from different ages, gender, ethnicity, and heights—styled in a walking motion from tallest to shortest. This shot is inspired by the March of Progress.
On the left: fashion shot of a group of young models in graphic tees. On the right: two little girls sitting on one chair in party dresses and masks resting on their heads.
On the left is a large, full charcuterie board. On the right is a bottle of white wine splashing on to water.
On the left is a stylized shot of a coffee cup filled with splashing black coffee and coffee beans underneath it. On the right is a shot of a chocolate chip cookie taking a dip in a bed of milk.
On the left is a stylized shot of chocolate-covered strawberries, stacked elegantly on top of each other. On the right is a bowl of raspberries.
On the left is a stylized plate setting of spaghetti and meatballs. On the right is a meatball splashing with the spaghetti sauce.
On the left: Stylized food shot of a fried egg on top of a steak with garnishments, served on a plate. On the right: Stylized food shot of a green smoothie surrounded by garnishments.
On the left: Stylized shot of two full martini glasses paired with strawberries on a serving plate. On the right: Food shot of a well-seasoned steak, cut up in long pieces near a butcher knife on a wooden cutting board.
Aerial shot of a table full of food plates and includes a pair of arms setting the table with a dish.
On the left: Stylized food shot of a fish curry set on a rectangular dish with a bowl of rice. On the right: Food shot of cooked asparagus drizzled with a white sauce on parchment paper.
On the left: Stylized aerial shot overlooking a pan of clams, cooked pasta, and other garnishments set on a chalkboard with someone’s hand writing the following list: “CLAMS, PASTA, GARLIC, WINE, BUTTER HERBS”. On the right: Stylized food shot of two plates full of seafood pasta with a hand adding cilantro on the dish.
Shot of sliced fresh tomatoes and other vegetable.
On the left is a stylized shot of a juicy steak cut in long bites. On the right is second stylized food shot of another steak with garnish.
Stylized product photography of designer perfumes and handbags.
On the left: product shot of a bathroom facet set. On the right: stylized shot of a Dolce & Gabbana men’s cologne.
On the left: stylized shot of women’s fashion silk scarves. On the right: stylized shot of pearl bracelets.
Stylized shot of Craftsman power tool set and Kobalt hand tools.
On the left: stylized product shot of a power tool. On the right: John Deere automatic lawn mower.
Displaying a before and after retouched shot of man handling heavy machinery.
Displaying a before and after retouched shot of a well-stylized bedroom with a visual focus on the bedding set, placed neatly on the bed.
Displaying a before and after retouched shot of a white office building with an American flag posted near the entrance. Before shot shows a plain and gloomy sky, the after shot was retouched to display a colorful purple/blue sky in the background.
Displaying a before and after retouched jewelry shot of three diamond rings, stacked gracefully on top of each other.
Displaying a before and after retouched shot of a man in a white protective layer, head covered completely, using heavy machinery.
Displaying a before and after retouched and stylized shot of a white marble countertop with gold accented facets. A glass chandelier is above the sink, a tray of champagne and glasses is set on the counter, after shot displays a view of city lights in the background.
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