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PureRED is proud to announce our new CEO, CFO and PR1 for Digital Circulars
Atlanta, Ga: PureRED today announced Amy Reach as official CEO and Donny Bradshaw as CFO. This shift in leadership will Excel the further development and execution of PR1, PureRED’s proprietary dynamic digital circular platform that serves some of the top retailers in the country. PR1 is the best and most technologically innovative platform to eliminate the bottleneck in the personalized retail marketing field. It offers a new way for retailers to engage and grow their consumer base with a user-friendly technology. 

“The Board of Directors of PureRED Integrated Marketing is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Reach as Chief Executive Officer.  Amy Reach will also hold a seat on the Board of Directors.  Amy is a 26-year veteran of PureRED and has deep experience in all aspects of the Company’s operations, clients and management team.  Amy is committed to continuing PureRED’s mission to bring talent, technology and experience to the creation of highly personalized, high volume, digital marketing content.”
– Ned Truslow, Managing Director, RFE Investment Partners  

PureRED built the PR1 platform that connects the data used for driving promotional offers across an ecosystem of end-user touchpoint such as the digital circular, the print circular, web display ads, and e-mail. In addition, we create self-service interfaces and dashboards that enable marketers to review product data, images, and offers. 

PR1 offers a full suite of solutions:

 About PureRED: PureRED is a leading marketing service and technology partner delivering digital content at the scale, speed and precision required today, we’ve seen firsthand the impact of moving digital to the center of today’s integrated marketing strategies. Today, we are leading our clients’ transformation and reengineering how they engage with their consumers — from go-to-market brand strategy to technology development and execution. PureRED’s current clients include Lowe’s Home Improvement, Kroger, Rite-Aid, New Jersey Lottery, Sanofi, Kimberly-Clark and more. For more about PureRED, visit https://www.purered.net.