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Content feedWe create high-volume, database-driven and completely customizable content feeds to drive personalizable offers.
A tale of transformation: print circular to unlimited possibilities
One of the largest pharmacy retailers in the nation approached PureRED, looking to automate their promotional process. They knew it wasn’t as simple as throwing a PDF of their print circular online. They wanted to reach customers beyond direct mail. Something personalized. Something that could be done thousands of times an hour. But how? We set out to bring their digital vision to life.

Print was just the springboard into a complete digital transformation.

Beginning with our own offer management system (OMS), we created a real-time, database-driven and completely customizable content feed. Our OMS allowed our client to add, edit, approve, export and delete offers, even those which would not ultimately be published in their weekly printed circular. This enabled us to create traditional print circulars and hybrid digital circulars, complete with online-exclusive offers. Since these ads were built using database-driven technology, we could compile content and leverage data to create personalized content using our own application programming interface (API).
Personalized ContentThe question is no longer "What's on sale this week?" It is now "What's on sale for me right now?"

Content may be king, but personalized content trumps all.

Leveraging data from our API, third parties can create personalized emails, checkout coupons or sneak peek offers, digital circular offers and banner ads. Our digitized data unlocks the ability to drive and deliver a more personalized shopping experience for customers, putting this retailer at the forefront of the new shopper mindset. Coupled with transactional data, customers now get offers tailor-made for them. This ensures we are communicating the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, in the right vehicle. The question is no longer “What’s on sale this week?” It is now “What’s on sale for me right now?”

Many moving parts add up to one incredibly successful endeavor.

Each week, our client has an average of 20,000 products on sale. That means our API and circular team handle over 1 million distinct offers in a given year. Our client’s 20 million email subscribers receive personalized emails twice a week, with each email containing 5 custom-built offers. That adds up to approximately 100 million personalized offers per week, and it’s only growing.


The future is bright for personalization.

While the retailer’s personalized email program only recently deployed, we’ve already identified measurable success. They have established personalization as their number one priority, and may eventually reduce print by 50%. What started off as a print refresh has evolved into something much bigger, and much better. PureRED will continue to be a forward-thinking partner, finding new ways to form more meaningful connections with customers in the future.
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