Case Study
An OTC Switch Takes Off
The Challenge

When Xyzal, a prescription allergy medicine, decided to go OTC (“Over-the-Counter”), it was entering a highly-competitive category dominated by established players with deep pockets. Xyzal had zero incoming brand recognition and no one knew how to pronounce the name.

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Our Approach

PureRED took a completely unique approach in the category. We invented Nigel, a charismatic animated owl, who embodied the wisdom of switching to Xyzal. Partnering with Framestore, an Academy Award-winning animation house, Nigel instantly gave this unknown brand an easy charm and panache. Nigel introduced the infectious tagline, “Be wise, all. Take Xyzal.”  Since the OTC launch, PureRED has expanded the campaign to full integration across digital, social and traditional channels.

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The Results

Within one week of the launch, Xyzal’s introduction of Nigel had over 3.5 million YouTube views and became the 2nd most digitally engaging ad of the week.* Nigel proved so popular he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Before long, consumers everywhere were asking for previously unknown Xyzal by name.  Through year two, Xyzal commercials have logged well over 10 million views on YouTube.

*iSpotTV 3/20/17

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