The New Voice of Vitamins

The Challenge

Vitafusion was the first gummy brand in the market. However, low awareness and functional marketing made people think they were the Costco store brand. In order to expand retail distribution and fend off the large, established brands flooding the gummy segment, Vitafusion had to quickly position themselves as the flagship brand or be permanently left behind.

Our Winning Approach

Through rounds of creative development and testing, PureRED defined a “brand soul” fitting for the leader of this new form, the gummy. It was a fusion of fun and science that could only be Vitafusion. With the introduction of new SKU’s, we launched a breakthrough, multi-channel effort that established Vitafusion as the way to “Vitamin Better.”

The Results

The new positioning increased brand awareness, enabling the launch of two new lines – Organics and Goodness. Vitafusion achieved double-digit growth and the personality of the new work created an emotional connection with consumers that turned many into vocal brand advocates.



PureRED expressed the new brand position using a lively character and eye-catching art direction that was the exact opposite of the bland tone of vitamin advertising. All on a small production budget.


In comparison to the hard world of vitamin pills, we built the Vitafusion Amazon Store with fun, optimistic information that made health-conscious shoppers understand it was a new day for vitamins.


Online Video

Line extensions were launched via dedicated videos with precision target audiences.

Professional Trade Events

Health and Wellness conferences helped the brand grow its retail footprint. The in-person activations helped boost the credibility of gummy vitamins and
showcase Vitafusion’s philanthropic initiatives.


Print Ad

Moms are the most frequent purchasers of vitamins, so we reached out in their favorite family publications.