Case Study
Stein Mart:
A Photography Partnership Story
Stein Mart
The Challenge

Stein Mart is known for their fashionable and continuously evolving selection of clothing, accessories and home furnishings. In 2014, they were seeking a photography partner to help bring their expansive E-Commerce selection to life —and fast. Since their selection updates so rapidly, they needed a partner with a streamlined process to produce thousands of images and associated product copy without adding significant spend to their overhead. PureRED was up for the challenge.

Our Approach

We developed a completely embedded solution, opening a 5,000-square foot studio inside Stein Mart’s main distribution center and staffed the site with a team of expert photographers, stylists, retouchers, content writers and copywriters. By integrating our internal workflow system within Stein Mart’s existing Item Content Application, all product samples were received, tracked, and content uploaded seamlessly. Using cutting-edge technology, we were able to photograph products and write description and SEO copy in extremely quick turn times after merchandise arrived.

The Results

Within the first 12 months of our photography partnership, PureRED’s efficiency made it possible to produce over 55,000 images and copy descriptions—double the goal Stein Mart initially requested. Stein Mart’s e-commerce channel is doing so well that the studio space has doubled and the expected sku count continues to increase yearly. We say bring it on.

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