Case Study
New Jersey Lottery
Capturing the State's Winning Spirit
Client New Jersey Lottery Brand Logo
The Challenge

New Jersey is sandwiched between two huge media markets, New York and Philadelphia. With so much media noise from neighboring state lotteries, the New Jersey Lottery was struggling to get noticed and connect with young adult players. Sales, especially for instant games, were stagnate.

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Our Approach

PureRED created a uniquely Jersey brand identity that stirs the emotions of players and stands out from the New York and Pennsylvania lotteries. “Anything can happen in Jersey” represents the quirky, outgoing personality of the state and celebrates the winning spirit of all the players.

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The Results

Since launching the campaign, results show that “Anything Can Happen in Jersey” is true for the New Jersey Lottery, too. (Sales figures remain confidential.)

In 2015 and 2018, the campaign won the highest award for a Lottery campaign at the national La Fleur’s convention. It was voted by peers as the top Lottery advertising in the United States.

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