New Jersey Lottery
Anything can happen in Jersey

The Challenge

New Jersey is sandwiched between two media markets, New York and Philadelphia. With so much media noise in the state, the New Jersey Lottery was struggling to get noticed and connect with their most important audience, young adults. Overall sales were flat and even worse for the huge category of instant games.

Our Winning Approach

PureRED invented a uniquely Jersey brand identity that embodies the quirky, can-do attitude of the state. “Anything can happen in Jersey” is a master platform that allows each game to have its own voice while also elevating the entire portfolio. The platform has grown even stronger over time with a new generation of game launches, the broadened appeal of draw games and the rebranding of instant games as Scratch-Offs.

The Results

The New Jersey Lottery’s annual revenue had never reached $3 billion. Not long after PureRED won the business, that mark was topped and hit almost $3.5 billion for FY2019. Nationally, it’s the fastest growing large state lottery in sales per capita.

In 2016 and 2018, the New Jersey Lottery received the Fleurry Award as the Best Creative in North America as voted the Lottery Industry.

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La Fleur's Awards 2016 & 2018
Best in North America


Whether it’s a draw game (picking numbers) or a Scratch-Off, each game has its own voice under the umbrella of “Anything Can Happen in Jersey.”


Our digital creative generates outstanding awareness and engagement for game launches. Our Buzzfeed effort for Quick Draw had 50% more completed quizzes than the platform benchmark.


New Jersey is a commuter state. Radio is an effective medium for reaching all counties, and our nationally award-winning creative has amplified the impact.


These days, outdoor isn’t limited to the traditional billboard. Our strategies and creative allow us to extend the main idea of each campaign into many out-of-home executions.



For some brands, like the New Jersey Lottery, POP may be the most important channel. Making a connection at retail means simple, eye-catching creative with a strong strategic backbone.

5 Card Cash


The games are not the only experience that the Lottery shares with the people of New Jersey. They sponsor major state festivals, throw a huge Million Dollar Replay Prize Giveaway, and go on a summer-long events tour. All through 2020, they’re celebrating their 50th year by inviting the whole state to the party (pictured).