Case Study
New Jersey Lottery:
A Re-brand Story
Client New Jersey Lottery Brand Logo
The Challenge

Like most state lotteries, New Jersey Lottery had a strong core player base. But lottery games overall were turning into a commodity. One reason? Competing state lotteries. New Jersey shares airspace and lottery players with two major markets — New York and Pennsylvania— making it difficult to differentiate the brand from their neighbors. Plus, the New Jersey Lottery’s campaign lacked a cohesive creative design and message, so there was no clear state ownership of individual lottery games.

To re-engage their core players, and attract new ones, the New Jersey Lottery needed more than luck. They needed a disruptive strategy to create breakthrough, branded work that would set the New Jersey Lottery apart, and overcome the overwhelming “I’ll never win” perspective.

The WorkInsight driven branding that captures possibilities. 1 out of 3 examples
Our Approach

We set out to capture the voice of the state — and turn the New Jersey Lottery into New Jersey’s Lottery to truly connect with real New Jersey people, while inviting a new and younger segment to come play. This voice developed into a unique personality that is only true in New Jersey and differentiates us from our neighboring lotteries. We instilled a local flavor that is quickly becoming part of the vernacular no other state lottery can own.

The true strength of this effort was the consistent voice and look of the campaign. Truly the “Power of One”, was delivered seamlessly across the marketing spectrum, with each element building upon the other with a clean, simple and differentiating design that created a unified 360° architecture for the “Anything Can Happen in Jersey” campaign. This integrated campaign utilizes high impact vehicles to drive excitement among core and new players, including digital, social, point of sale, television, radio and out of home. Our new vision for the brand made its way to over 7,000 retail partners across the state of New Jersey, from C-stores to supermarkets.

The WorkBrand building that transcends channels. 1 out of 4 examples
The Results

Since launching the campaign, results show that “Anything Can Happen in Jersey” is true for the New Jersey Lottery, too.

In 2015, the campaign won the highest award for a Lottery campaign at the national Le Fleur’s convention. It was voted by peers as the top Lottery advertising in the United States.

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