Case Study
Lowe's Home Improvement
Conquering a Mountain of Circular Content
The Challenge

A Fortune 50 retailer generates an immense amount of content. At any one time, the home improvement giant has more than 6 million images, logos, lockups, copy and other elements from 9,000 brands representing over 400,000 unique items available in store or online. Lowe’s needed a way to not only keep creative and marketing content relevant, organized and easily accessible; but leverage that content to drive customer traffic. No small task.

The WorkBuilding content from more than 6 million elements demands a high level of digital asset management expertise. 1 out of 4 examples
Our Approach

While Lowe’s had an in-house digital asset management system, they didn’t have an efficient way to ensure the quality and accessibility of assets. PureRED leveraged its industry-leading expertise in content creation and curation to develop the system that would pull in and house elements that could then be used to create compelling, geo-targeted communication in circulars, as well as other print, broadcast and digital avenues.

The Results

Content acquisition, management, resource verification, image retouching and optimizing — it’s now all done by PureRED as part of our circular content development process. As a hub for a vast number of products and promotional activities, Lowe’s relies on PureRED to ensure that each touch point with the customer, from circulars, direct mail and collateral to in-store signage, broadcast and digital, is optimized with the right content in the right context to generate the right response.

Our Clients
To do great work, you need great clients

We’re proud to work with top retailers and brands in nearly every category, including 14 of the top 25 U.S. retailers and consumer brands. We’re even prouder that our client relationships average 14 years.

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