Case Study
Balducci's Food Lovers' Market: A Video Transformation Story
Balducci's Food Lover's Market
The Challenge

Founded in 1916 as New York’s first specialty gourmet food retailer, Balducci’s has a long-held reputation of bringing inspiration into all things edible. The only problem? Their marketing content was still lingering in the twentieth century. Focusing on print advertising for the last 100 years left Balducci’s struggling to compete with trendy food blogs and quick-hitting videos that were easily shared on social media. That’s where PureRED came in.

Our Approach

We started by assessing the market and diving deep to identify opportunities to generate relevant content for Balducci’s epicurean customer base. Then we got to work creating an engaging video series centered around unique and modern recipes. Focusing on the foodie lifestyle rather than selling a product, we were able to appeal to Balducci’s potential customers in a way that other videos couldn’t. No flashy prices. No gimmicks. Just pure, shareable, inspirational content for food lovers.

The Results

We were able to create a series of high-quality 30-to-90-second videos that could be leveraged in all of Balducci’s digital channels. Balducci’s social media pages, website and weekly emails were reinvigorated with content tailor-made for the digital age — and their gourmet customers. Garnering thousands of views, these videos breathed new life into the Balducci’s brand and attracted new bon vivant customers. It’s a new chapter in Balducci’s century-long legacy of putting taste above all else.

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