Arm & Hammer Slide

Revolutionizing Cat Litter

The Challenge

Cat owners hate dealing with the litter box. It’s messy, smelly and gross. Brands in the category promise to make the job better than ever. Claiming it is easy. Proving it is hard. We had to show beyond doubt that the worst job in the house was revolutionized – Arm & Hammer Slide transformed litter box cleaning with a totally new category benefit.

Our Winning Approach

PureRED created empathy with cat owners and amazement with a unique product demo. With a fully integrated online and offline campaign, “Slide over to Slide” used approachable humor to touch an emotional button that the awful ritual of scraping the box was over. All it takes is a tilt of the box and the litter would slide right out. The minds of cat owners were blown. The Slide Revolution was on.

The Results

Slide propelled Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal from #4 to #2, with the highest velocity of any product launch in the category. The website experienced a 35% increase in pages per session. Social media engagement increased 395% and saw an awareness and recall lift 2x category norms for Facebook.

35% increase in pages per session
395% increase in Facebook engagement
+12 point lift in Facebook ad recall


A series of spots at various lengths humorously dramatized how the lengthy process of scraping the box had changed for good.

Web Design & Development

The website was transformed and became a content hub that created engagement with cat owners. There was a 35% increase in pages per session.

Redesigned Arm & Hammer Slide website

Online Video

Cats are favorites in online videos, so we leveraged the channel to show how Slide has addressed the hard part of being a cat lover.


Our unique video content was turned into eagerly shared posts that racked up favorable comments and spread the Slide story among cat owners. Social media engagement increased close to 400%.



Cat owners index highly for magazine readership. We told the Slide story in a powerful graphic that was also used for point-of-purchase displays.