ACT Oral Care

Staying #1 Against the Odds

The Challenge

For 71% of patients, a professional recommendation is a key driver of brand consideration and consumer purchase, making it critical for ACT® Fluoride Rinse to maintain their claim as “The #1 Dentist and Hygienist Recommended Fluoride Brand” for both kids and adults. A challenge made even bigger because they were being massively outspent and outmanned by market leaders Listerine® and Colgate®.

Our Winning Approach

To stay #1, PureRED created an impactful, efficient marketing program that focuses on
4 key goals – for a fraction of what the competition spends.

  1. Communicate the brand’s key equity and unique differentiator against the competition – fluoride and its benefits – in all professional and patient materials.
  2. Grow a robust and highly engaged HCP database to build a relationship and deliver value though product sampling, new product information and category education.
  3. Optimize our media and conference channels to expand reach to hygienists, a key source for nearly 2/3 of all product recommendations at the point of care.
  4. Create relevant marketing efforts that target key growth segments, like Pediatric and Dry Mouth product lines.

The Results

Despite heavy spend and sampling from competitors, ACT® continues to be #1 in recommendations from both dentists and hygienists. In fact, hygienist recommendations are now 2X higher than the leading competitor. And by focusing media, messaging and outreach efforts, ACT® realized a 50% increase in sample requests YOY – which directly correlates to recommendations – and increased the HCP database by 41% over the last 5 years.

Web Design & Development

PureRED Princeton created a new site to drive HCPs to a singular source for ACT® product and fluoride information and benefits, patient education and enrollment into the HCP sampling program – generating 5,000 new sample registrations in year one of site launch.

Professional Conferences

We created a brand-new conference booth featuring high visibility branding and design, one-on-one detail stations and increased sampling capacity. This booth lead to detailing over 10,000 dental professionals a year, with 50% of visitors sampling product at booth rinse stations.

Direct-to-Practice Mailers

Targeted mailers with BRC survey responses deliver high response rates that provide valuable HCP insights – including a 27% response rate from pediatric dentists for our award-winning pediatric piece.

Trade Publications

PureRED Princeton elevated the professional brand equity through a series of ads with dominant placement throughout JADA magazine and on the inside/back covers of the JADA fluoride supplement.