Case Study
Lowe's Home Improvement:
A Corporate Culture
Reframe Story
Client Lowe's Home Improvement Brand Logo
The Challenge

Sometimes, the hardest minds to change are our own. After some heavy-duty reflection, Lowe’s senior leadership uncovered something about itself that had always been true, but had been forgotten; that its true purpose was to help people feel good about their homes. The real work was making sure all 250,000 employees knew that purpose and how to live it every single day. But how? Over the years, their many corporate culture campaigns had lost their impact. Our client needed a way to overcome cultural lethargy and get employees to open the door to a “new, old way” of looking at what they do every day.

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Our Approach

The answer came from within. Rather than taking a one-off approach with a clever line and an image of a group of smiling, pleasantly diverse associates, we looked at it a little differently. We partnered with the client’s internal Communication Team to survey employees and teams that were already demonstrating core Lowe’s values, and then we set out to bring those employee stories to life. Through a series of signage, digital and store-printed communications, employee stories were shared companywide along with graphic cues that emphasized the connection between real employee behavior and company values. Instead of telling people what to do and how to act, we recognized people who were already doing it, learned from them and extended our thanks and admiration to the whole team.

The Results

The concept and message had to be capable of evolving to stay current and true to how employees were reacting to and embracing the company’s purpose. And that it was. Because it was based on real people and their own stories, employees on all levels took to the campaign like never before. More real-life, inspiring accounts of employees going above and beyond to uphold core Lowe’s values began to flood in, providing more than enough content to build upon the campaign on a monthly basis. The campaign created an authentic and engaging company culture that resonated from the store level all the way up to corporate headquarters.

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